Ag Ph Rx

General Information

AgPHRx is an all-natural, food grade and eco-friendly product that is designed to adjust pH and water hardness naturally in one-step more effectively than many conventional and mechanical application methods. This product works extremely well with various hardness and pH of well water. It makes water pH stable, chelates various dissolved minerals, and helps blend various fertilizers and herbicides, which enhance the effectiveness and performance of the fertilizers and herbicides.


  • Improves solubility of various fertilizers and herbicides
  • Improves effectiveness of various micro nutrients
  • Helps spray-ability and improves absorption rate
  • Reduces water hardness and lowers pH for long-term stability
  • Helps maintain microbial activity in soil
  • Uses less water per acre to spray various blends of chemicals
  • Helps maintain carbon to O2 (Oxygen ratio)
  • Mimics rain chemistry
  • Rapid foliar and ground penetration
  • Micro encapsulated for long term reactive activity
  • Helps loosen compacted soil and improves drainage
  • Aerates soil to improve carbon to oxygen ratio
  • Designed to blend with most herbicides, fertilizers and Humic
  • Helps increase yield and lower cost per acre
  • Removes and dissolves calcium deposit and rust from spray jets, and supply lines
  • Keep lines free from buildups and clogs from various fertilizers and chemicals

Usage Directions

USE 16 ounces of AgPHRx per 100 gallons of water to adjust pH of spray tank mixture. AgPHRx can be applied to all field and row crops. May be foliar applied by air or ground application equipment.

Mixing Instructions

AgPHRx should be added to tank water first with sufficient agitation. A jar compatibility test is recommended when mixing with other products. Not recommended with petroleum-based products of herbicides or fertilizers.


When using AgPHRx in foliar sprays, the recommended rate is 16 ounces AgPHRx per 100 gallons water. Pivot/Irrigation application 16 ounces per acre (3x) is recommended.


Do not store product in direct sunlight. Protect product from freezing. Always check pH of tank mixture when adding AgPHRx to tank to maintain optimum pH level. Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. In case of contact, immediately flush skin, eyes or clothing with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

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